Monday, 9 September 2013

The House Opposite

Late September, deep blue skies
We're still in shorts; now is that wise?
It's warm and sunny, not a cloud
Belgium looks good. I am proud.

Stray tourists who by chance are here
Will sit outside and drink their beer
Admiring views of quaint old streets
Before they stroll off for some eats.

Work has begun across the way
The trees that took my sun away
Have now been lopped and passage made
My terrace comes out from the shade.

For many years, this house was dead
No lights, no movement; it was said
That rats had made it their abode
Unwanted squatters in our road.

A big conversion so I'm told
Is planned now that the house is sold.
Until last week, weeds blocked the door
Today I realise they're no more.

New owner Marc and pal Fabrice
Come every day and do not cease
To hack at tree roots, stack up bricks
And clear away the weeds in skips.

They told me what they had just found
A grass snake slithering around.
With the forest path by our back door
There may indeed be many more!

The Commune says work can't begin
Until the very early Spring
But nonetheless each day I see
Care lavished on this home-to-be!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

"Le Coin du Balai" S.E. Brussels

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