Thursday, 5 September 2013

Benedict XVI

Events come thick and fast these days
Some quite surprising; I’m amazed
I hope I caught the message right
The Vatican’s in another plight.

Paedophile priests first shocked the church
A scandal causing much soul search
Poor Benedict, the German Pope
Weighed down with his embroidered cope

Has valiantly held the reins
Of Catholic Power but these strains
Together with exhausting travel
Now cause his future to unravel.

Time passes – he is eighty-five
A pacemaker keeps him alive
Is he now equal to the task?
Like Jesus he wants the cup to pass.

He’s way beyond retirement age
Surely it’s time to turn the page?
He’s declared his intention to step down
Who now will wear the papal crown?

None but his brother knew his mind
The Press were stunned and could not find
A spokesman to confirm this news
Which spawned worldwide conflicting views.

Events, as I have said, move fast
No time for dwelling on the past
The hunt is on for someone new;
By Easter though we should know who.

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

Retired on 28th February, 2013.

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