Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy Birthday to H.M.!

In Twenty-Six a general strike
Loomed o'er England's pleasant land
Churchill wielded budget might
And George the Fifth his Empire scanned.

On an inside column of "The Times",
Brief mention of a new princess
Just a few well chosen lines
Her birth disturbed her mother's rest.

In Thirty-Six her uncle Ed
For Wallis Simpson left the throne
Her gentle father ruled instead
Henceforth her life was not her own.

Against a backcloth of World War
She grew in stature, grace and poise
And at its end, the Palace saw
Her in the streets with our Brave Boys.

Soon Philip caught her youthful eye
Her wedding on a winter's day
Made headlines in a land bled dry
Where Austerity alone held sway.

With Charles and Anne both left behind,
She flew to Kenya's winter sun
Last sight of father on her mind,
At Treetops did the message come.

A saddened Princess, now our Queen,
Prime ministers? Now more than ten,
She rules at Ninety quite serene
Happy Birthday to H.M!

Born: 21st April, 1926

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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