Monday, 17 September 2018

We are Not Alone!

Must 'mindfulness' be taught in school?
Social awareness makes life cool
But kids, bemused by Internet
Lack human contact and forget

The virtual world is just not real;
How can we to their minds appeal?
We're a crowded planet, short of space
But everyone needs their own place.

Facts, figures, Instagram and 'phones
Penetrate en masse our homes
Personal relationships are fraught
How to behave, if we're not taught?

The «Think of others» seems to be
A cast-aside philosophy
The individual reigns supreme
Old fashioned courtesy – a dream...

With I.T. gems we flood our plate
But something's lost – we can't relate
Encouragement and self-esteem
Used to make a happy team ...

Schoolkids in playgrounds today
Though savvy in a brand new way
Miss human warmth inside their bubble;
If we don't 'mind' them, «Bonjour trouble!»

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Friday, 14 September 2018

A Snapshot of Aix-en-Provence

Each mansion built in ochre stone
Was a quintessential Frenchman's home
Proud, though fragile, faded splendour
In this city warm and tender.

Sparkling fountains cool the air
Shady plane trees everywhere
Cafés crowded, smiling faces
Lavender in - unlikely places.

Aix – small in size but big on Art
Saint Sauveur at its Roman heart
Stained-glass that visitors admire
Five centuries gaze from lofty spire!

Down narrow, flagstone streets, cute shops:
Soaps, olive oil and flowers in pots
While markets buzz in morning light
A kaleidoscope of fruit delight!

The sound of church bells, laughing voices
Provence cuisine means tempting choices
Café crème or rosé wine
Carafes of water when you dine.

September heat, hats still a must
Dappled sunshine - warm at dusk
Then Cézanne's city, like a hive
With swarms of tourists comes alive!

King René's students study law;
Extensive roadworks are a bore
Re-routing means in time there'll be
Electric buses – diesel-free!

Musée Granet: Roman finds
Bold paintings from medieval times
Three fountains grace Cours Mirabeau
Where once fine carriages would go...

Reflections on a bygone age
With Louis XIV centre stage.
Now in Gothic chapel – there's Picasso!
So sad the traffic's such a hassle ...

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Friday, 7 September 2018

Who Are You?

I enjoy a mystery – don't we all?
Agatha Christie – Queen of Thrall!
But here's one I did not expect
Linked to my blog upon the Net.

The workings of «Blogspot» reveal
Lands to whom my rhymes appeal
They list them and compute their views
It's fascinating! People choose

To have a daily «fix» on line
By clicking on my cheeky rhyme!
But now a mystery has occurred
This list includes a line absurd.

An 'Unknown Region' comes on screen
So which country does this mean?
Could it be a brand new Nation:
Antarctica or Lunar Station?

Is the visitor a «He» or «She»?
For several weeks now I can see
This Unknown Region's come on board;
So welcome to you, I have scored!

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Poise of Isabella

Isabella in the pink with toys!
Rugged up in woollen mini-fleece
That cheeky look will please the boys
Oh, I'm so proud of my wee niece!

Not yet a year but poignant gaze
Alert, attentive and aware
She has reached that touching phase:
«Reach out and grab» whatever's there!

So why lie still upon a rug
While Mummy gets on with the chores
When looking cute brings on a hug?
Soon she'll be crawling on all fours!

So much to see, explore and learn
With what skills is she endowed?
In each new picture I discern
Her ability to please a crowd.

She stares the camera in the eye
Taking up a perfect pose
It's natural, there's no need to try
Innate ability just shows!

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Turning Over a New Leaf - or Two?

Language, like a tree, just grows
Its roots sink deep and each branch knows
That little saplings shoot out big
And leaves will sprout on every twig.

Words alter meaning or decay
While neologisms come our way
Acronyms hove in view
Crafting words completely new!

Millennial chat on social media
Needs its own encylopedia
Today two new word leaves unfurled
Keeping pace with this mad world.

Our old friend BREXIT was described
As an 'omnishambles' nation-wide
The UK's politics are fraught
So a special term was sought.

'BrINO' seems to fit the bill;
'BREXIT in Name Only' will
Cause more confusion and more fuss
So – what will become of us?

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Thoughts on the 94 Tram

I alighted from bus 42*
Road works continue; to get through -
One must tread on broken bricks,
By twisted cables, trucks and skips.

With time to spare, Place Payfa seems
Quieter, though the tram track gleams
But “all change!” in September time
When the tram link meets the Metro line.

From where I stand outside the bank
The loop of track looks sad and blank
Soon it will be gone; instead
More cars will park on cobbled bed.

The changes come so thick and fast
Le Vieux Boitsfort** has breathed its last
More modest now and cheaper far
It’s lost its precious Michelin star.

94 comes straight to mind.
It was hot in August when we dined
With special friends on wedding day.
These memories seem so far away.

And the 94 stays in my sights
On the Boulevard the crowd delights
In this glossy, futuristic tram
Which speeds through Boitsfort with élan!

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

* routes have changed slightly since 2006.

** now known as "Mamie Louise"


Monday, 3 September 2018

Scroll-free September?

Time, like water, can't be held
It flows regardless, can't be quelled
We do our best – each gets his share
But time to call «our own» is rare.

Tasks and obligations fill
Our working days; hence free time: nil
Then friends and family pinch the rest
If we've 5 minutes – we are blessed.

We rise at dawn, work at top speed
Always someone in great need
We'd like to stop and smell a rose
Take stock perhaps - but on life goes...

Must we always be on call?
There is an «off switch» after all!
«Scroll-free September» might be fun
But ponder this, will work be done?

Can we survive without the Net?
So much is on line – and yet
Some jobs survive computer-free
Guides - like me - use memory!

(c) Poet in the woods 2018