Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Death in Dallas

A newsflash brought it back again
I could see the images quite plain
In Dallas that autumnal day
The sleek sedan that led the way
Through a densely lined expectant crowd
Whose shouts for Kennedy rang loud
While Jackie in her pink pill hat
And matching coat beside him sat
With car roof down so all could see
For whom their vote would surely be.

Across the way, the library block
The car slows down but does not stop
All seems calm then shots ring out
Jack’s brains are spattered all about.
A moment in time which shook the West
Our certainties put to the test
A Nation’s hopes dashed at a stroke
Lee Harvey Oswald was the bloke
Found guilty; and in one week shot
Despite rumours of a well-planned plot.

When the shaky footage is replayed
We see again the cavalcade
Hear mention of the grassy knoll
Observe the panic, see the loll
Of that handsome head on Jackie’s lap
As the car speeds off in flash of black.
Those who were there do not forget
That the Ace of Spades was in the deck
The memories linger, ebb and flow
Though this happened fifty years ago.

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

On 22nd November, 1963


  1. Excellent - this is such a great poem, recalling a tragic moment in American history.

  2. Twas pathos there, for JOHN F.K. I did care

  3. So well portrayed. I clearly remember where I was when we heard the tragic news. I was 14 years old and suddenly everything seemed fragile and uncertain.