Monday, 9 September 2013


A dear old lady whom I know
Whose friendship gives me a warm glow
Has been taken from her charming flat;
As her doctor signed a paper – that

Enabled scattered kith and kin
To throw her treasures in the bin!
All valued items have been sold;
Such cruelty makes my blood run cold!

Insult to injury what’s more
The flat which lies on second floor
Of Fifties block in quiet square
Shows signs of life – new tenants there!

Aged ninety-two, a fragile soul
She’s fallen into a black hole
No one to turn to, no one cares
Bewilderment met by blank stares.

Independence lost, in passive mode
To enter the Home you need a code
This we have so can pass by
A little comfort to supply.

It’s not the same, she’s forced to share
Her bedroom – always someone there
Thank God she has a telephone
Her family has hearts of stone!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

She died - barely 2 months later ...


  1. That rings a scary bell evoking a situation one so hopes can be avoided.

  2. Tough! It breaks my heart to see all those precious old family black and white family photos in the flea market. I just can't help thinking of the lives of these people and the circumstances that led to their photos being discarded in such a disrespectful way. One day I am going to adopt one of these photos and write of their imaginary life. Robert G