Friday, 13 May 2016

The Heat Returns!

When the weather's good, I have observed
Computer-scrolling is absurd
Blue skies beckon; pavement bars
Are filled with people drinking jars!

Suited businessmen stroll by
Their jackets off, their heads held high
Young things parade in fetching shorts
Attired for all the world for sports.

There's a festive air, it's Friday Eve
The trams fill early, people leave
Their stuffy desks for week-end break
At last - with sunshine in their wake!

Horse chestnut blossoms, white and red
Give shade, which some now seek instead,
This heat has caught them all off guard
Their raincoat they can now discard!

Down my street like purple rain
Princely wisteria again
Tiny seeds burgeon anew
For gardeners there is lots to do.

My hanging terrace - bathed in light
As shadows lengthen – a delight
I take my tea-tray up the stairs
And forget the world and all its cares …

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