Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Talent to Amuse?

In French they say they “throw you flowers”;
Of compliments one never tires!
So may I share a bloom or two?
My blog has found admirers new!

Thanks to search engines on the Net
Surprising “hits” worldwide I get
Countries far across the seas
Where I know no one, hit the keys

And find this ”Poet in the Woods”
I'd like to thank them – they're the goods!
My inspirations come and go
To places I shall never know!

I'm called the Brussels Laureate;
An exaggerated epithet
Yet many poems that I write
Put Brussels in a glowing light!

It's quirky, crazy, weird, surreal
With human touches that appeal
Carnivals one day, strikes the next
Variety is what connects.

Bistros, bars and street cafés
Where conversations so amaze
Here poignant, beer-fuelled views are aired
And robust anecdotes are shared.

The whole world comes and speaks its mind;
I saunter past and often find
A chance remark ignites my Muse
How can I therefore not enthuse?

(c) Poet in the woods

Place St. Géry - Brussels