Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Meandering round Ubud - Bali

Ubud - where Bali's heart resides
Shrine offerings observed on all sides
Amazing carvings in grey stone
A vast palace where you're not alone.

Hordes of tourists - Japanese
Under the frangipani trees
Fringed parasols of gold and red
The sound of birdsong overhead.

Europeans and those of western race
In this mystic world seem out of place
Harmony in this heat denied
The Balinese merge and step aside.

Stone flags, cracked, hide sewer flow
A world we're glad we do not know
A few smart shops and well known names
But the market's vibrancy remains.

Taxi drivers crowd the lane
Pretty masseuses do the same
But overall the pace is slow
Save farting bikes that come and go.

Victim now of urban sprawl
The traffic and the fumes appal
Home stays by hotels superseded
As air conditioning is needed.

Ubud has a friendly face
Though local monkeys tend to chase
Unwary tourists who may find
Their nimble fingers rob them blind!

© Poet in the woods 2015

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