Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Warning!

Hot, oppressive, steamy days
Brussels lost in summer haze
We're damp, bedecked in beads of sweat
I touch my waistband - wringing wet.

Do I climate change detect?
The result of human disrespect?
The Earth belongs to one and all
Yet swathes of it are urban sprawl.

Pollution, wasted water use
And oil? We're running out of juice.
Those plastics just won't decompose;
It seems worldwide we're in the throes

Of Nature's tantrums, pent-up rage
At how the human race behaves.
Deserts now encroach on Spain
While Florida is lashed with rain.

El Nino gave us food for thought
Just think what havoc has been wrought.
Frost in Belgium into May
Then torrents washed the buds away.

Nature's balance is upset.
Have new patterns now been set?
I dread to think in years to come
Of the Earth being frazzled by the sun.

The West must bear its share of blame
But no one's guiltless, more's the shame
This Garden of Eden, Man's Estate
Must be saved, 'ere it's too late!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

(written in 2006)

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