Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An Evening in Amed - Bali

Amed beach has brackish sand;
At night a bike ride - quite unplanned
A haphazard enclave, poorly lit
Down hairpin roads; it rained a bit.

A giant puddle blocked our way
Rubicon crossing kicked up spray.
Most bars were empty - music played
Fresh flowers on tables gently swayed.

Tourists seem thin upon the ground
But bikes with Balinese abound.
Two elephant statues brightly clad
Seemed intriguing as they had

Pointed down a passageway
To a garden café locked away.
This time we were not alone
It seems this venue is well known.

A simple menu - finely done
New tastes and textures our hearts won.
At another table, guttural tones
And a couple using mobile phones…

In pitch black - just stars overhead
Past mangy dogs with feral tread
The two-wheeled drive was slow but sure
Through dripping leaves to hotel door.

© Poet in the woods 2015

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