Friday, 30 January 2015

A Cold Start

Hail one day, snow the next,
If I had one, I'd put on a vest!
January this year keeps us guessing
Sometimes just rain would be a blessing!

Gingerly, I step out outside,
Tightly like a parcel tied
Wearing gloves, I drop my keys
And bend down, gloves off, my hands freeze.

The wind chill factor lasts for weeks
But the cold brings colour to my cheeks
Lip balm – that's a good invention
As cold sores only add more tension.

I shiver, pick up my keys and go
The slope outside makes walking slow
There are roadworks adding to our joys
Traffic jams and jarring noise...

January promises many things
But my enthusiasm for it thins
My brand new diary taunts, you see
Its snow-white pages mocking me!

(c) Poet in the Woods 2015

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