Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An Evocation of Bali

Frangipani flowers at our feet
Their fragrance lingering and sweet
Scarlet flame trees catch our eye
Bougainvillaea blossoms flutter by.

It's the rainy season, all is green
Birds chirrup but cannot be seen.
A sparkling butterfly or two
Hovers round the gold bamboo.

Nearby, lit up by lantern glow
Small eateries where tourists go
They talk in whispers, drink their beer
Indolent in the sultry air.

Bali's bountiful white rice
Ubiquitous, enhanced with spice
Satay, noodles, chicken, prawn
Wrapped in banana leaves and warm.

It's another world; time is suspended
"Living in the moment" never ended
Pungent smells assail our brain
As we shelter from the heavy rain…

© Poet in the woods 2015

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