Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dream Sequence

Tread softly, for you'll break his dream.
Don't penetrate his inner being
With such stark consciousness;
Let him kaleidoscope the scenes
And Joy throughout will be the theme
In every sequence, bliss.

Nay, do not laugh; this warming glow
That wraps him tight does peace bestow.
He's caught in a cocoon;
It doesn't matter how he tries
The world seems now to be disguised
And all words rhyme with June!

Oh Cynics! With your hearts of lead
Watch where the arrow's pointed head
Hath hit and made him lie;
No sweeter state exists, it's said,
It kills old solitude quite dead -
Adds magic to the eye.

Tread softly; rouse him not from sleep
The world outside is but a leap
He'll have to make 'ere long;
Let Hope good counsel with him keep
And chase Despair out in the street
So when he wakes - he's strong!

(written in 1983)

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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