Tuesday, 27 May 2014

"Arsenic and Old Lace"

Behind lace curtains, danger lurks
Two sisters look benign
But there's no doubt the poison works
In elderberry wine.

A stream of homeless gentlemen
Seeking rooms to rent
Cross the portals of their den
Oblivious of intent.

In guise of hospitality
A fragile, thin façade
They're dispatched to Eternity
Because they drop their guard.

The secret's "buried" far too well
No neighbours get alarmed
Although the cellar starts to smell
And more than one man's "harmed".

This "justice" meted out by dames
Who've said goodbye to sixty
Is known by far less savoury names
Unsuited to my ditty.

The whole thing's quite a work of art
When in drops brother Jon;
What happens next, I won't impart ..
You'll have to go along ...

written in 1985 - for an amateur production in Brussels

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