Saturday, 9 June 2018

On Bags and Food!

I try to keep my subjects light
So much is trash and lies outright
Fake news, scandals, horror scenes
Attract us, yes – but cause bad dreams...

Now two inspiring folk have died -
Though Kate Spade handbags have survived
Live coverage on CNN
Anthony Bourdain seemed so zen.

Food icon of «No Reservations»
Jet-setting chef to distant nations
Whose many homespun thoughts struck home
A personality on his own...

He'd all to live for – yet instead
Strasbourg, Friday – he's found dead:
He's joined the kitchens in the sky
The verdict: suicide – but why?

Both leave us feeling rather raw
But stress and fame have their own law
The pressures build – they feel distraught
Celebrity is dearly bought...

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Kate Spade - 1962 - 5.6.2018
Anthony Bourdain - 1956 - 8.6.2018

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