Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Santa Claus - Explained!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why
We celebrate this white beard guy?
And what about his name, I pray?
There's a foreign meaning tucked away...

It means Saint Nicholas in Dutch;
Sint Niklaas was loved so much
By countries under Catholic sway
That he's still honoured on this day!

December 6th is filled with joy
With gifts for each good girl and boy
For weeks before, he's on parade
So the toy shops do a roaring trade!

There are songs - and wish lists carefully written
In Belgium yes – but not in Britain
Won over to the Reformation
All Saints were banished from the Nation!

Yet in altered form he still survives
As Santa Claus he brightens lives
On Christmas Eve with reindeer sleigh
Bringing gifts to give away!

Of the Christian bishop – not a trace
Mammon not God takes his place
For Brits: no “Black Pete” just small elves
Who make the toys and stack the shelves!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016


  1. A wonderful and revealing poem about our dear "Sint Niklaas". I loved it!

  2. Another perfectly rhymed poem to enjoy ... I'm looking forward to your new book !