Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Beyond the Markers

The ocean round Australia’s coast
Looks so enticing when you toast
Upon that crowded south-east beach…
Beware rogue currents out-of-reach!

The lifeguards, suntanned, strong, alert
Keep on the look-out and will spurt
Across the burning sands to save
Swimmers caught in forceful wave.

The ABC headlines sad news
As many as eight people lose
Their lives to Mother Nature’s swell
Not sharks this time but drowning hell…

'Big Island' has much to attract
But security at times is slack
And wild bush fires remain a fear
For several months in every year.

Drunk-drivers, drugs and petty crime
Are prevalent at Christmas time
As families face the burning heat
And drive “outback” their friends to meet.

What a land of contrasts: urban sprawl
While inland, there’s not much at all
The Deep Red Centre meets our gaze
Raw beauty spurns the summer haze…

The coastline thus remains a lure
Though death is common every year
The constant plea to “stay hydrated”
Believe me is not understated!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

ABC = Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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