Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Singapore Sling!

Crossing the world via Singapore
Through misty skies our spirits soar
Time zones mean nothing at this height
Who knows when it is day or night!

Graceful service, wreathed in smiles
Elegance across the miles
Well groomed, petite girls glide on by;
Singapore Airlines really try

To make these long haul journeys seem
A seamless interlude – a dream.
Food appears on dinky trays
In darkened cabin music plays

Seat-back cinema in full swing
Flickering screens cause eyes red-rimmed
Enthusiasm or tiredness grows
The price to pay for mile-high shows.

Touch down at Chiangi – all mod. con.
Where ‘street food’ upstairs leads us on
The four-hour stop wafts quickly by
Before we’re once more in the sky.

The planes are full but there’s no rush
It’s nearly midnight, velvet hush
This time ‘Delectables’ are served
A meal of which I’ve never heard…

We fly south east as dawn appears
This coral glow has me in tears
Earth’s curvature seen from this height
Recalls John Glenn’s historic flight!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

Chiangi is Singapore's airport
John Glenn (1921-2016) first orbital flight 1962

In downtown Singapore

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