Wednesday, 15 April 2015

At Stonemanor!

In a rural setting can be found
Nestling in the fields around
A lure for Brits who flock this way
A 'Tesco-Waitrose' hideaway!

Stonemanor opened long ago
In no time, many in the know
Could stock up with their favourite brands
Bought out weekly in huge vans.

Imagine therefore the delight
in Everberg on Thursday night
When crowds descend, bent on a spree
In search of goodies for their tea!

Neighbours chat as they go past
And caddies fill up very fast
Indulgence and nostalgia play
A big role in this take away.

Digestive biscuits, pork pies, tea
Even an English pharmacy
Baked beans, scones and custard creams
And all your favourite magazines.

Caution to the winds is thrown
Upstairs more items 'home from home'
Browsing – the source of many thrills
Hark, the ringing of the tills!

Poet in the woods 2015

Address: Stonemanor: Steenhofstraat 28, 3078 Everberg.

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