Saturday, 28 March 2015


Imagine – on a rainy day
With winds that gust and blow away
In a wild landscape – La Dordogne
A young man and dog come upon

An uprooted tree which now reveals
A rock-strewn passage which appeals
To the dog who disappears below
Deep in the earth where rivers flow.

His owner hears his piteous cries
The rescue leads to a surprise
A torch beam highlights a strange show
Wall paintings crafted long ago.

Bison and black bulls running free
An ancient artist's gallery
It's 1940 – there's a War
But people queue up to explore...

The scientists are all agreed
The paintings chalked up on this screed
Are exceptional since they show
Man's talent 20,000 years ago.

Soon overwhelmed by tourists' breath
The paintings suffer a slow death
But re-creations can be seen
And our minds can live again the dream.

Found by a dog on one dark night
World heritage UNESCO site
Proof of Man's creative fire
The caves at Lascaux still inspire.

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

Exhibition at the 50aire History Museum, Brussels

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