Thursday, 12 March 2015

A New Beginning

Sweet February bids farewell
With blue skies braving winter’s chill
The birds swoop gaily overhead
Their chatter wakes us from our bed.

The buds are out there, very small
But nature’s workings still enthrall
As spring sap will begin to rise
And set in motion for our eyes -

Life’s renewal on the sward
Tiny flowers are spring’s reward
A sign that life begins again
And blessings come from gentle rain.

Out of sight, yet not unseen
Armies of leaves in bright spring green
With emerald flags the trees invade
Like four-star generals on parade.

I marvel at this brand new start
Each year it brings hope to my heart
Man has created many things
But the Oscar must be Spring’s!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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