Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Outside a Brussels Metro

In hearty tones, two drivers chat
While we, who wait inside,
Are “entertained” without much tact
To facts that they should hide,

Such as road works on the boulevard
That cause such long delays
Time keeping thus is very hard
And happens on most days.

Our Belgian traveller is not loath
To voice his discontent
When forced to wait, his choice of oath
Ensures his rage is meant.

Those drivers sometimes bear the brunt
Of invective. It’s a shame
They’ve no defence out there in front
No wonder THEY complain!

So there we were, two buses stood
In a yellow, snake-like line
What had gone wrong? One of them should
Be leaving at this time.

We’d scarcely climbed aboard the first
When a third bus hove in view
And that’s when matters got much worse
Since it left without ado!

Our drivers went on talking
I admit it seems absurd
But I considered walking
Maybe my thoughts were heard?

STIB’s logic fools the common man
Progress must come soon
As gridlock means we all must plan
To dance to their strange tune!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

* STIB - the Brussels Public Transport Network

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