Thursday, 5 February 2015

An Interrupted Bus Ride

“F” for Feb and “F” for frost
On the city outskirts I am lost
The cobbled street is hid from view
Another wave of snow's blown through.

I'd stay at home, as warm as toast
Because I'm luckier than most
The morning rush hour's not for me
But today in town I have to be.

On the bus an angry woman cries
“Do hurry, I'll be late!” and tries
To egg the driver on, but he
Caught in the traffic, cannot see

What he can do; the sirens blare
An ambulance, from who knows where,
Speeds past; the woman looks resigned
The delay is justified – this time!

The bus moves on; it's warm inside
In all it's quite a pleasant ride
We reach the metro – all alight
Snugly wrapped up, gloves on tight.

But the chilly wind is quite a shock
We run to keep warm, like as not
No wonder animals have fur
We humans shiver and say “Brrrr!”

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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