Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Time for a Whinge!

I sit down at my desk and stare at a blank screen
My fingers touch the keyboard, I pause and then I dream
I am wondering today what thought will fire my muse
Crimea’s fall to Russia makes the headline news.

But politics please pundits – this is not so for me
And spring still drags its heels so for now just let it be
And I am tired of economics - all those ruthless bosses
Who throw us out of work to recoup their doubtful losses.

There is talk of putting tollbooths on the roads
We’ve the highest tax in Europe – heaven knows!
Little shops are closing – as they can’t pay their way
Unemployment goes on rising; Belgium’s lost its way.

Sure, we've got fine cities and our food is next to none
But the recession has hit badly so fewer tourists come
On Saturdays the bright-lit shops attract a well-heeled crowd
While the homeless, ever present, stand forlornly with heads bowed.

Injustices are legion, rents are far too high
Special deals come in profusion seeking customers to buy
In the cinemas it is violence, with sex and crime to boot
Is this entertainment? The question must be moot!

So what I am to write about? I’m really at a loss
So much all around me is nothing more than dross
The values that we once all held, a long, long time ago
Have given way to others – is this the way to go?

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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