Monday, 31 March 2014

Botanical Gardens - Meise

Geese, ducks and birds on springtime green
Wood anemones in pure cream
Their tiny petals wide awake
Poke through grass and patterns make.

The lawn with crocus buds now fills
Competing with the daffodils
Pale sunlight with a touch of warmth
Enhances wonderfully our jaunt.

Down gravel paths where now and then
Benches allow us to be zen
As nature here, devoid of drama
Exudes a very special karma.

Sequoias, gnarled, majestic, straight
Contrast with fragile maple’s gait
As the stone-faced castle comes in view
Once royal lodge - now born anew.

Blue lake with rushes all a-quiver
Forms a haunting natural mirror
Reflected in its depths – no clouds
Just flying birds and Sunday crowds.

The site is vast; greenhouses hide
The sultry tropics deep inside
Through dilapidated doors
A Savannah landscape – dusty floors.

Clumps of herbs absorb the heat
Here prickly pear and cacti meet
Plant tendrils reach the crumbling panes
Where cracks, one feels, let in the rains.

The Botanic Gardens here in Meise
Lit by sunlight, nature’s laser
Remind us we’ve stepped out of line
Why are we rushing all the time?

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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