Friday, 27 December 2013

It's a Shell-Out!

Jumbo prawns on bed of ice
Served up at Christmas are so nice
A seafood platter starts the meal
Happiness on a fisher’s reel!

Glossy pink with coal black eyes
Each chilled out body proudly lies
In haphazard fashion to our view;
In no time there are very few …

As eager guests pile up their plates
At once - here no one waits;
Large pots of mayo tinged with red,
And lemon juice, are quickly spread

On festive plates; all glasses raised
The Barossa Valley tipple praised
Australia is well known for wine;
Cheers, everyone – it is sublime!

The Ozzie style for festive fare
Eaten in the sun’s bright glare
Means a cold buffet is more the norm
With star of the show – the prawn!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013


  1. I love this one Sarah! ... and I too love the cool prawn adn a glass of good Barossa juice at this time of year!!!

  2. Looks and sounds like lots and lots of fun Sarah.... Continue to enjoy.... Love from a damp and grey Belgium.