Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Dilemma

Time presses and the baby grows;
The scan has shown its ten pink toes
And tiny arms with hands outstretched
Though no one can work out its sex.

Whether a little girl or boy
This tiny baby will bring joy
And give our poet a new name
A brand new title to proclaim!

I don’t like “Aunt” - it sounds so prim
Elderly, strict and very thin
And Aunty just spelt with a “Y”
Means the spell-check passed it by.

So it seems to me the proper choice
When the time comes to rejoice
Is to drop the “Y” and add “IE”
Yes – AUNTIE I will choose to be!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

Thomas was born on 8th January 2014.


  1. Congratulations!! But wither auntie to whom??

  2. congratulations auntie

  3. Thomas was born on 8th January, 2014 - he is a wonderful little boy - see my "Thomas" poems on the blog!!