Saturday, 28 December 2013

Facing the Heat

The heat means dry leaves everywhere
Coupled with parched garden plants
Which wither in the burning glare
Of the unrelenting summer dance.

Inside the houses fridges fill
With jams and relishes and fruit
Only fake flowers on windowsill
Can stand the heat and still look cute.

A total fire ban is in force
Tasmania’s lost a hundred homes
No charcoal BBQs of course
But life is tough for garden gnomes!

The Lucky Country here for some
Who travel on an empty road
But as I from crowded Europe come
Life means a certain change of mode!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013


  1. your poesy attendant to the warmth of a tropic Netherland , perturb me as I suffer through a frigid winter here in the stretches of suburban Washington!

  2. A very real sense of our beautiful land.
    As I was driving home today(down Cross Road) I thought how lucky I was to live in this wide brown land, and how much I love it
    You probably don't know of Dorothea McKellar, who wrote a wonderful poem (one amongst many) My Country
    Look up also the wonderful poems of Judith Wright