Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Getting a New Hip

A warm dear friend has had an op.
A hip replacement; makes her stop
And put her fast career on hold
She must slow down – let life unfold.

Time to get into some reading
While her bandaged leg is healing
And flip perhaps through magazines
And indulge – why not? - in long daydreams.

Painkillers do their job OK
And take the agony away
But induce sleepiness and rest
As her energy has all gone west!

This temporary but unwanted blow
Means crutches make all movement slow
The fast lane she has had to leave
At last she’s given time to breathe.

The human body’s a machine
Which we must care for and keep clean
But moving parts can still wear out;
Modern medicine now has clout!

There’s no need now to fear old age
New hips are trendy, all the rage
Progress in techniques and skills
Are now to hand if we have spills!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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