Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Gaasbeek Castle

With a friend I wandered through the park
Where Gaasbeek castle stands out - stark
Its turrets still defy invaders
Which today are tourists or just neighbours.

No fortress now – its moat is dry
A trimmed green sward now meets the eye
Majestic gate, stone courtyard neat
Has heard the tread of many feet.

Its pristine brickwork stands the test
Stone plaques on the walls attest
Its age-old glory and prestige
Against these wondrous autumn leaves.

The trees are tipped with burnished gold
And russet red a thousand fold
A rustling hedge of orange hue
Set against a peerless sky of blue.

A well with wrought iron crest recalls
Its role as lifeline within walls
In a flash I see with inner eye
Armoured knights all standing by.

The castle’s lost its chatelaine
Such pageants will not come again
Now museum and exhibition site
Special events are held at night.

Though medieval grandeur has expired
Occasionally it can be hired
To host a wedding in full splendour
And provide more moments to remember.

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

This has been translated into Flemish!

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