Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Where's the "Switch-Off" Button?

In this busy world, there's little time
To stop and pen a daily rhyme,
As clients, like a busy swarm
Cluster round me – that's the norm!

Retired, you say, with time to spare
Relax and chill out, stop and stare?
For some this well may be the case
But not for me, I'm in a race:

Texts to proof-read or translate
I'm multi-lingual in full spate
Retirement is a funny word
Work pours in – it's quite absurd.

There's a world right out there to explore
Sunshine shines on terrace floor
But have I time to buy new plants
And my rooftop bower enhance?

Of course not – deadlines must be met
Now «Linked-in» finds me on the Net
My client base revives and grows
More missions keep me on my toes.

Some days, there is no time to eat
As I like to keep my clients sweet
But something tells me that my brain
Is getting tired of all this strain.

So here's the point I want to make
The cultural world is my estate
I love my métier as a guide
But sometimes need to step outside

See the flowers, lie on grass
And watch the butterflies that pass
These deadlines fill me with dismay:
Why can't I just enjoy my day?

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

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