Thursday, 17 May 2018

Royal Wedding - in the Wings

A day to go – Windsor awaits
A new bride hailing from the States
I hear the guest list is quite long
With many bridesmaids in the throng.

A tug at heart strings, Dad can't come;
To escort the bride, who'll be the one?
Wills of course has pride of place
But the newest royal won't show his face

As Louis, pint-sized, like a doll,
Can't yet cope with protocol
But stars of sport, screen and TV
And well known singers, soon will be

Congregating in their pews
This Royal wedding is big news
The tension mounts as cameras roll
Like waiting for cup final goal ...

Harry, second son, is calm
But what of Meghan on his arm?
In view of millions, will she quake
On public view with vows to make?

A big step into the Unknown
With Harry's Granny on the Throne
Two young people borne away
On a date with destiny in May!

(c) Poet in the woods 2018


  1. Superb! Love it!
    Siobhan xxx

  2. Delightful Sarah: makes more sense than Carol Ann Duffy's!!