Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Anne Frank - Two More Pages

Anne Frank, a German Jew in hiding
In her diary all confiding
Words from the heart, a wealth of dreams
A girl with spirit, in her teens.

Cooped up, she found a way to cope
And daily scribbled thoughts of hope
In the form of letters she might send
To Kitty, (was she a real friend?)

In a wartime raid in Forty-Four
The diary dropped on Annex floor...
Trucked to Belsen where she died
But luckily her Pa survived.

Her words were published in due course
Highlighting Nazi Holocaust
Thwarted Anne could not have known
Most have a copy in their home!

And now - Eureka! - a surprise
Two pages in brown paper guise
Show glimpses of a girl distraught
Her basic feelings overwrought ...

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

News item: 2 salacious additional pages of Anne Frank's diary discovered!

Annalies Marie Frank: 1929-1945

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