Sunday, 4 June 2017

By London Bridge

Blue skies, the buzzing of a midge
On Island of Elizabeth ...
Now barricades on London Bridge;
A barmy evening marred by death.

Once heads of traitors were on show
A gory past we had forgot
But history does repeat we know
In an instant we turn back the clock...

Unsuspecting, crowded bars
Tourists – several of them French
Chatting under summer stars
The clink of beers at wooden bench.

Three evil spirits break the spell
Onslaught of a knife attack
A scene of blood, a modern Hell
Puts politicians on the rack...

First Manchester*, still grieving now
For children and their shattered dreams;
We must protect ourselves – but how?
Death comes in brand new ways it seems...

This ancient bridge oft built anew
Once thrived with busy stalls and shops
But now presents a starker view:
Mangled bodies, shell-shocked cops...

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

* On 22nd May, 2017

3rd June, 2017: 7 deaths and many wounded ...

Heads on spikes ...

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