Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Urban Disruption

With the warmth, the crowds fill bars
Relax in much-loved sun, sink jars
Smile and laugh and mope their brow
Brussels' radiant face – is now!

Yet dust unbidden clogs my street
Road menders have an annual treat
Huge piles of asphalt block my way
Cracked paving stones in wild array.

This annual foray slipped my mind
With warm days you will often find
Earth-moving monsters on parade
And traffic cones to be obeyed!

I ask one workman to explain:
What is it this time – a new drain?
And how long will the road be closed?
As everywhere they're in the throes

Of laying bare the cobblestones
Hence awkward access to our homes...
I gaze upon my dusty feet
And hardly recognise my street.

«A total overhaul is planned
Resurfacing – hence cars are banned»
He shrugs his shoulders, gives a wink
«Sure to take some time, I think!»

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

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