Thursday, 4 May 2017

May Blues

«Cast ne'er a clout till May be out»
An old wives' tale I have no doubt
I test the air – there is no snow
But the barometer stays low...

Torrential rain, wind from the West
Should I admit I wear a vest?
Such underpinnings show my age
Who cares? I'm still in «keep warm» phase.

The sodden terrace fails to please
Wisteria weeps, caught in the freeze
Why shop for new clothes? It's too cold
The clouds block every ray of gold!

Poor seedlings cower in their pots
No sign of life in window box
Why has the weather gone awry?
I search in vain for spring-blue sky...

The pavement weeds are bold as brass
Nettles curtsey as I pass
Though fragile blooms must stay Inside;
Yes, May this year is a rough ride!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017


  1. My mum used to quote that rhyme and we would discuss whether "till May be out" means until the end of May, or until the May blossom is out! This year the blossom is out already so I'm going with the former meaning!!

  2. Bang on again! Robert G