Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Trump or Clinton?

It promised to be a Great Debate
American politics on a plate
On one side of the ring, Blue Tie
The Republicans' surprising guy.

On the other, trim in a red suit,
With ideas just as tough, to boot
A politically-savvy Democrat
Throws into the ring her hat!

The gloves are off – the bout is long
Opposing arguments are strong
Trump shows a wee restraint at last
While Hillary battles with her past...

Top ratings in the polls are seen
En masse the States watch TV screen
Europeans at 3 a m await
Trenchant views – there's much at stake!

Who, we wonder, scooped the Pool?
Divide and reign now seems the rule
Both candidates have major flaws...
Ahead - a shake-up of old laws!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

On September 26th it drew an audience of 84 million!

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