Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Happy Birthday Metro!

With riots, deaths and civil war,
Disasters, bomb scares, feelings raw
The world we live in has deep flaws
So many seek to settle scores …

Amid the chaos, one bright spark
Small progress in a world grown dark
Something positive I have found:
40th birthday of our “Wunderground”!

Brussels metro first took flight
(OK, the metaphor's not right!)
On a cool September day
Crowds gathered – no one had to pay!

King Baudouin travelled like the rest
Admired the murals as a guest
For art inspires, uplifts the soul
So naturally, it has a role

To play in tunnels metres deep;
Brussels artists to us speak!
More stations quickly came on line
Terminus-changing all the time!

In a struggle to keep up to speed
Lifts exist for those in need
But the network has to be extended
So budget plans are open-ended...

As “Mobility Week” has shown
In this clogged-up city, drivers moan
But the STIB, for all its faults, goes by
And does its bit – give it a try!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

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