Friday, 16 September 2016

Thoughts on Mobility Week

What shall I write about? It's hard
To find new themes, says Brussels Bard
I listen the radio
The talk is all of traffic flow.

The rush hour which now never ends
Electric bikes – and other trends
“Mobility Week” and two-wheeled crime
Are cyclist tracks a waste of time?

Delays upon the RER
Though a priority by far
The Metro does its level best
As increased usage can attest

But the network needs to be extended
More chaos while the roads are mended!
The latest wheeze I've heard so far:
Co-voiturage or share-your-car.

London and Brussels can't be bested
Both share top billing: too congested!
Post BREXIT, Brussels wins hands down
The E.U.'s traffic-chaos clown!

Tolls wouldn't work – too complicated
Brussels: ├╝ber-full and sated!
This Sunday it is car-free day
Time to pause – and find a way

To alleviate this daily trial
Company cars - redundant style?
Tax concessions if we take the tram?
Meanwhile we live in traffic jam!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

Annually in September

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