Monday, 8 August 2016

Wallonia Mining Disaster!

Remembrance of a sad, sad day,
262 lives wiped away
near Charleroi, in Marcinelle
60 years ago - a living Hell...

In deep-sunk mineshafts, gas caught fire
The fate of these poor men was dire
Asphyxiated, left to die
Widows of 13 nations cry...

Imagine waiting at the gate
Unaware it was too late
Migrant families bereaved
Headline news – while thousands grieve.

1956 seems long ago
But memories linger, shadows throw
A cloak of sadness on this site
So the 'Bois du Cazier' name stays bright.

Safety measures were improved
The owners, in reluctant mood,
Poured money in to modernize
An industry on the demise …

“Inferno Below” - a film was made
So this disaster would not fade
From the Nation's consciousness;
In Heritage Site their souls now rest ...

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

On 8th August, 1956

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