Friday, 5 August 2016

Off to Rio!

The talk is all of vast Brazil
Our modest world's 5th largest nation
This August's biggest sporting thrill
First summer-winter invitation.

Rio de Janeiro lies
In cooler climes this time of year
Despite bad rumours, it now tries
The Olympic Games to steer.

Since London, four short years ago,
Where security was tight all round,
The Latino tempo seems to flow
On more relaxed lines – is this sound?

The Russian team, somewhat reduced,
As anti-doping is the key...
But are these “check-ups” of much use?
How many teams are still “drug-free”?

We hear that walls are being built
To hide the country's darker side
The city's mortgaged to the hilt;
By locals these huge costs decried...

Two hundred plus teams will compete:
Top athletes in all disciplines
Huge stadia (are they complete?)
Will soon be bursting at the seams...

Two weeks with Rio in our sights
Doubtless an exciting phase
The excellence of sport delights
Yet fragile mask for deep malaise...

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

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