Friday, 22 April 2016

What is I.T. all About?

Now standard mail is mostly bills
Mass-produced and without frills
What do kids of letter-writing know?
The PC is the way to go!

By computers we all stand or fall
Subtle machinations can appal
Their inner workings a closed book
Labyrinthine gobbledygook!

New features come on line by stealth
Do updates bring us knowledge wealth?
Fast programmes get us up to speed
But how many “gismos” do we need?

Compressed files huge, cannot be read
'File Transfer' takes their place instead
Our email 'in tray' overflows
We click on 'junk' and out it goes.

What remains must be collated
Round robin jokes are poorly rated
Info avalanche – our mind reels
We're bombarded by 'good' deals!

Distractions left, right, centre too
Facebook posts to be looked through
The hours pass at speed of light
On Youtube, blogspot and sound byte...

I.T. is fine – it has its place
But what future for the human race
When contacts take place via a screen
We've lost the plot – know what I mean?

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

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