Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Metro Station Saga

More metro stations come on line
Three weeks post-bombing – it is time
That Brussels put safeguards in place
Instead – the Army shows its face

At metro exits and main stations;
Airport queues cause huge frustrations.
The Public is the last to know
Updates to this traffic flow.

The website, run by dear old STIB,
Lists the closures in a bid
To make all clear in French and Dutch;
But loudspeakers do not help that much.

For those whose language skills are poor
Public transport is a bore
If they don't follow Belgian news
They can't work out which bus to use...

Hotels, restaurants and shops
Observe how quickly custom stops
When the metro closes before nine
No chance now for overtime!

Politicians don't know what to do
Safety measures are put through
“Protect the public at all cost!”
Means freedom for us all – is lost...

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

22/3 - Brussels Bombing

As of 12/4: 51 out of 69 stations open

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