Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Special Toast!

Citizens of the world – Unite!
If you are burdened with stage fright
When called upon to make a speech
Maybe the Toastmasters can teach

Over time - this vital skill;
Capturing an audience is a thrill
But before you step upon a stage
And hold with sweaty hands a page

Of carefully thought-out, cryptic notes
Make sure you have not burnt your boats.
Is your message logical and clear?
Will it convince? Now there's a fear

That besets the best of us at times
What actor has not muffed his lines?
Deep breathing helps to calm our stress;
For this event – how should I dress?

What am I trying to achieve?
Have anecdotes in times of need
A little movement is allowed
Especially when before a crowd -

To emphasize a point or two
And keep the public eye on you
But there's no train to catch, so please
Speak slowly, take things at your ease.

Good poise and diction are your friends
A smile will often make amends
Competence can be acquired
And all good speakers are admired!

Each journey starts with a first speech
It may not always be a peach
But as you step up to the mike
Take courage, smile – it will not bite!

Techniques are key, but so are you
Confidence blossoms - sees you through;
To raise the bar, you must compete
The reason why toastmasters meet.

It's exciting but nerve-racking too
Will said: “The world's a stage” - how true!
Each performance helps us to engage
Our audience and reactions gauge.

Oh, and public speaking can be fun
Causing the adrenalin to run
As I stand before you now;
But just before I take my bow

I hope I have fulfilled my mission
This poem was a firm commission
So Toastmasters here's three cheers
As you celebrate your 90 years!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

Founded October 22nd, 1924

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