Monday, 3 November 2014

A Meeting of Minds

Amazing Brussels! Such a mix
Of Art and History, culture-rich
A rabbit warren of cafés
Where lone souls come and spend their days.

Meet-ups spring up in such places
You find yourself among new faces
Keen to reach out and make links
On Monday mornings – over drinks.

Croissants and muffins freshly baked
Vie for attention as does cake
On a cold day I need something hot
So a cup of coffee hits the spot.

I join the group, say nine or ten
Most are newcomers, I feel zen
Most seek work; the market's tough
Diplomas these days aren't enough.

Networking is the latest game
A lucky break, a contact name?
These pools of chatter are electric
In two hours many are connected.

I leave the café at midday
A sultry beauty comes my way
She asks me: have I time to chat?
She's from Amman, her hair is black.

She's new in Brussels, learning Dutch
But admits she doesn't like it much
She's fun – her English is quite clear
She tells me she's an engineer!

After a snack in nearby bar
I accompany her – it isn't far;
At her language school I say goodbye
But we've forged a link, both she and I.

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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  1. Yesterday I met an extraordinary British lady..she seemed like a unique character from an interesting old book about history, poetry and arts, which I started reading and couldn't let go...