Saturday, 18 October 2014

Launching Assandra

Down a side street, cobbled, faintly lit
Discretely hidden; quite a bit
Away from thoroughfares – no cars
Just night shops and some coffee bars

I saw the sign and stepped inside
A flight of steps on right I spied
Below: a laptop, makeshift screen
Where Assandra's video will be seen.

Soon other footsteps follow mine
Her guests receive a welcome wine
Uptempo music – time to dance
For Assandra this is her big chance.

Entitled «Special Love», her song
Composed when someone came along
And brought warm sunshine to her days,
Against a Carinthian backcloth plays.

Dressed in mauve with floating scarf
And Venetian mask that hides quite half
Her face, she dances well
It's a special moment – we can tell.

A hand-picked crowd from several nations
Offer their congratulations
Who knows what the future brings?
But YouTube gives her project wings!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014


  1. Wonderful Sarah! I love it! Thanks a lot! :-)

  2. here is the link to Assandra's song "Special Love":