Thursday, 11 September 2014

From Blogger to Published Poet

This feeling of elation is not easy to describe
I'm on such a high that it's great to be alive.
An ambition I have cherished since I was under ten
Has now been accomplished – I'm thrilled – I can't be Zen!

I've always written poems since I learned June rhymed with moon
My love affair with language brought me recognition soon
A competition followed – I saw myself in print
My poem got me second prize and maybe was a hint

That this was my way forward as I love the written word
I played around with rhyme schemes and a batch of odes occurred
I used to hand write all my work – I now compose on screen
The keyboard now interprets all the words that come on stream.

I never know what thoughts will come as I sit down to write
It could be a chance remark that sets my muse alight
But now my blog is buzzing - I have «hits» from near and far
I've published my first book and hitched my wagon to a star!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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