Sunday, 22 June 2014

The High Point

June 21st – the longest day
Till Ten the shadows kept at bay
A music festival at play
Light conquers dark
We’ve reached the zenith; from now on
After the feast day of St. John
We know the brightest sun has shone
And made its mark.

The change is subtle, barely seen
Long evenings, tennis on the green,
Picnics and parties outdoors seem
The thing to do
At first we sit out in fresh air
At busy cafés everywhere
Defying dusk, we’re scarce aware
The summer’s through.

But nature’s cycle is not still
Its gentle movement means it will
To barmy evenings bring a chill
As daylight fades
On fields of gold the sun now sets
The fisherman brings in his nets
All of a sudden one regrets
This summer haze.

(c) poet in the woods 2014

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