Sunday, 23 February 2014

On the Power of Poetry

There are days when things fall into place
What the Ancients called a time of grace
When projects long left on the side
Come to life again and thrive!

Such is the case of all my rhymes
Which capture sad and happy times,
Current affairs, the changing seasons,
Birthdays, weddings, other reasons.

I took my books down from the shelves
And images arranged themselves
As bright and clear as on the day
They inspired the poem on display.

Turning the pages once again
I found myself in memory lane
Friends long lost from view came back
My inward eye still has the knack.

I’ve captured in this verbal mix
My life since I was five or six
When the magic of the rhyming word
My untried muse awoke and stirred.

Rich memories of times gone by
Vivid film scenes catch my eye
I find myself transported free
To a world I thought was lost to me.

The journey there is swift and short
And for a moment I am caught
In a maelstrom of deep emotion
How can words cause such commotion?

They say that writing is a gift
To now, I’ve given it short shrift
But suddenly I think I see
It’s a gateway to eternity.

(written in 2013)

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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